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Here at the 那刹 Ksana Institute we have recently achieved a scientific breakthrough in acoustic human levitation. Acoustic levitation is a phenomenon that uses standing waves to counteract the force of gravity enabling an object float in mid-air.


Through our intensive training programme, Class 1 AudioBod WanDan has managed to achieve successive periods of acoustic levitation. This is accomplished by creating vocal discarge to produce standing waves. Once the standing waves produced match the subjects own frequency, nodes of reinforcment create lift.


As demonstrated in Fig.1.1 the resuling standing waves create a node of constant pressure, these nodes create an acoustic field around the subject facilitating levitation. These effects are not dissimilar from the weightless effect experienced by astronauts.


By changing the frequency and amplitude of the standing wave the subject is able to move this acoustic field along x,y,z axis. Fig 2.1 and 2.2 illustrates the minimum and maximum node heights the subject achives in this test through his percusive frequency changes.


This is the first in a series of experiments that we are conducting, exploring the sonic capabilities of our recently discovered test subject WANDAN.


Fig 1.1


Fig 2.1

Fig 2.2

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WE ARE CURRENTLY TESTING : Acoustic levitation of external objects

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Posted 23.53 on 23/07/2012

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